There is something magical and comfortable about second times. The second year at university carries with it knowledge that you succeeded in the first and a confidence you can achieve the same moving forward. The second time visiting a city has a familiarity and ease. The second country to become a citizen of requires a leap of faith and a unique bravery to take yourself out of the comfort zone of a homeland and immerse yourself into a new culture with the hope that this new place will embrace your heritage and welcome you and your family.

Canada is a rich country of builders, starting with a small population and growing into the wonderful environment it evokes today. New Canadians are the builders of railroads, technology, companies, and communities while integrating their own storied culture and enhancing our history and heritage. Save for Louis Riel, we have not had a revolution; and thanks to the pioneers who put Canada at the forefront of human rights and quality of life, Canadian life is filled with wonderfully diverse cultures that bring with them a multitude of opportunities for our families and us.

Yes, the second time is to be savored. It means you enjoyed the first helping at New Years dinner, both Canadian and Chinese, and are still hungry for more. It means that you came back to the city you originally visited and felt as good, if not better than the first time you came. It means the country you chose as your second home was and is as welcoming as it promised. What it also means is the continued publication of Boulevard Chinese, a magazine whose main focus is to showcase Western and Eastern richness, bringing both together for a community of cultural and commercial wealth not to be equaled elsewhere.

The welcome given to the first issue of Boulevard Chinese magazine by the Chinese community has been and continues to be overwhelming. Its conceptual success was greater than we could have ever imagined, and now we bring you our second issue. Like the second year at school, the second visit to a city and the second country you choose to live in, it carries with it a confidence and promise of discovery that can only come from a second edition and for this and all the other richness that elevates Canada, we are grateful. ■

Harry van Hemmen, Publisher
Boulevard Chinese magazine

對於所有的移民來說,“第二故鄉”包含著某種情結。想起去年4月回國探親,啓程前我和溫哥華的朋友奔走相告“我要回中國一趟! ” 而在將近假期結束之時,我理所當然地和中國的朋友告別:“嘿,我馬上回溫哥華了!”這是一個有趣的現象,相信很多移民都有和我一樣的感受,行走於中國和加拿大, 竟分不清哪裡是“去”哪裡是“回”,一概用“回”反倒處處自然貼切 。英語說的好,故鄉即是 Hometown,也是 Birthplace,對於我來說,家在的地方就是故鄉。隨著新家園的建立,加拿大儼然已經成為華人移民的第二故鄉了。

因為職業的關係,我經常可以讀到各類加拿大本土出版的中文報紙雜誌,感受到華語媒體在加拿大的蓬勃發展、日新月異。一次偶然的機會,我從朋友那裡拿了本《Boulevard 新居生活》的創刊號,立即被它精美的印刷吸引,打開細細閱讀,竟有種久違的喜悅。想到以前在國內一直喜愛閱讀的中文家居雜誌,充滿藝術感的家居細節、豐富的選題和中西融合的本地資訊,處處流淌著美好家居及品質生活的追求。

作為新移民,對於第二個家園 —— 見證勇氣、突破和蛻變的所在 ,我們會傾注更多的夢想和期盼。把家打造成有質感的所在, 亦如我們對新生活的期待,既保持原汁原味的中國情懷,又不乏新鮮的視角為家居注入異域風情,挖掘中西融合的風格魅力,這正是移民加拿大的一大樂趣所在。 期盼中的第二期如約而至,希望《Boulevard 新居生活》能以不拘一格的審美方式,不斷為華人讀者營造出享受美景美屋美食和品質生活的幸福所在。■

Lilian Chen
Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group