About us

Vancouver Boulevard Chinese Magazine  is a west coast luxury lifestyle magazine serving the Chinese-speaking communities of Metro Vancouver. With 11 issues annually, plus our semi-annual “Indulge” guide, Boulevard features the latest trends in home decor, high fashion, travel, real estate, arts, entertainment, food and drink, and more. Boulevard’s Vancouver publication was established in January 2014 as an expansion of our English sister magazine Victoria Boulevard located on Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Boulevard is a free publication offered to our readers in both print and online. Boulevard is owned and operated by Black Press Community Media and publishes 20,000 copies that is distributed the first week of each month at various drop points throughout Vancouver, Richmond, Tri-City, Burnaby and North/West Vancouver. For more information on delivery zones please visit our distribution page.

《Boulevard》是服务于大温华人社区的高端生活类杂志,每年出版11期,再加上每半年一期的《Indulge》指南,将家居装潢、时尚、旅游、房产、汽车等众多领域的最新潮流一网打尽。《Boulevard》杂志由Black Press Community Media集团拥有并经营,每期印刷2万册,于每月第一周发行到各个网点。

Meet Our Vancouver Boulevard Staff:

Harry van Hemmen – Publisher

Harry van Hemmen has over 30 years experience in the publishing industry encompassing the roles of writing, sales management and publishing. He started out in 1985 with TV Week lifestyle magazine, then moved into Home Theatre, Home Improvement, Interior Design all of which eventually lead to working with clients, brands, companies and personalities in the luxury ethnic market. Harry has launched no less than 5 new-to-market western publications in his career, two of which are Chinese, the latest being Boulevard magazine in 2014.

Harry van Hemmen在杂志出版业具有30年经验。1985年开始在TV Week杂志工作,之后相继服务于Home Theatre, Home Improvement, Interior Design等媒体,为其与面向高端中文市场的客户、品牌、公司打交道奠定了基础。Harry开创了5本新刊,其中两本是中文刊物,最近的一本是于2014年创刊的Boulevard杂志。


Kelly Bai – Managing Editor

Kelly Bai is a media professional with 20 years experience and a Master’s degree in Public Communications. Kelly worked with first-tier media publications in China before immigrating to Canada. She was responsible for launching the Sino Times Canada West edition in 2007, and went on to launch BC Home Chinese edition in 2009, and BC Living Chinese edition in 2013 as co-publisher. Kelly is now the managing editor of Boulevard Chinese magazine.

北京大学新闻传播硕士,20年资深媒体人,曾供职多家国内一流媒体,2007年参与创办《美洲文汇周刊》加西版,2009年创办BC Home杂志中文版、BC Living杂志中文版,任联合出版人,现为Boulevard 中文杂志主编。

Xiao Le – Editorial Designer

Xiao graduated from a top art & design university in China, and spent nearly 20 years working for well renowned Chinese fashion and financial magazines as Chief Designer and Design Director. His clients include 2008 Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and many Fortune500 Companies. At Boulevard, Xiao spearheads our editorial design in partnership with Editor Kelly Bai.




Kimberley Lim – Advertising Consultant

With a background in client management and project execution, Kimberley has 23 years experience in print and online advertising sales, working on innovative projects, strategic planning, and business development with leading media corporations including Auto Trader, Buy & Sell, Sing Tao Daily and Richmond Review. Kimberley graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor degree in Economics and Sociology. With her excellent knowledge in local markets and experience in advertising sales, she can assist you with all your business needs. At Boulevard, Kimberley’s role is to liaise with potential clients to offer print and online advertising services in the monthly magazine and semi-annual Indulge Digest.

本地資深媒體廣告業務員,擁有23年豐富的廣告推廣經驗,熟悉大溫市場推廣,擅長協助各大公司執行市場推廣,幫助客戶建立及開拓知名度。曾服務于Auto Trader、Buy & Sell、星島日報和Richmond Review等大溫多家著名傳媒公司。畢業于University of Manitoba,獲得了經濟和社會學學士學位,目前從事Boulevard中文雜誌及Indulge Digest雜誌的廣告銷售。


Alfonso Arnold – Photographer

Alfonso Arnold shot his first professional film rolls in the fashion industry. Since then, he has focused on the qualities of being versatile, as well as creative with his career, and personal work. Alfonso is inspired by artistic, and social diversity. He shoots for commercial, and fine art clients with a strong passion for people and landscapes. Along with a full time studio, he is an instructor at Lasalle College International, and the photo director for the bi-annual, Eco Fashion Week. At Boulevard Magazine, Alfonso plays an integral role as our cover photographer as well as a contributor to special features and event coverage

Alfonso Arnold的职业摄影生涯始于时尚界,此后他开始涉猎多个领域。他的摄影强调艺术性及社会多样性,主要表现人物和风景,客户包括商业和艺术等领域。除了自己的摄影工作室外,Alfonso还是Lasalle College International的教师,并在每半年出版的Eco Fashion Week担任图片总监。Alfonso负责Boulevard杂志的封面摄影,以及一些重要报道和活动的摄影。


Martin Knowles – Photographer

Fuelled by a blend of passion and careful craft, Martin Knowles’s architectural and editorial photography captures the essence of space and place. His collaborative approach and distinctive imagery have made him a favourite of architecture, interior design, building, and media clients in Vancouver and across North America. His work has been part of over 30 award-winning design projects. Martin captures stunning photos for Boulevard Magazine, features, profiles and products.

激情与精细的工艺相结合,Martin Knowles的建筑摄影与插图摄影抓住了空间与建筑的本质。他的协作精神和卓有特色的作品使其博得了温哥华乃至全北美建筑师、室内设计师、建筑商和媒体人员的喜爱。他曾为逾30个一流设计项目摄影,并为Boulevard杂志拍摄了众多精美图片。



Marilou Pasion – Distribution Manager

Marilou Pasion, Regional Circulation Manager, has worked for Black Press since 1990.  A graduate of the University of British Columbia and a long time resident of Richmond BC, Marilou has served every Black Press community in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island throughout her 25 year tenure.  At Boulevard Magazine, Marilou coordinates our monthly distribution to strategic drop points throughout the Lower Mainland.

Marilou Pasion自1990年起在Black Press工作,现为区域发行经理。Marilou毕业于UBC大学,长期居住于列治文,在25年的工作生涯中服务于低陆平原和温哥华岛的所有Black Press社区。Marilou负责协调Boulevard杂志在低陆平原的发行网点。