Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve — the parties are lining up, one after another! Who doesn’t want to dress up beautifully and become the brightest star at the ball? In this issue, our chief editor recommends some powerful makeup tools to help you create the perfect, queen-of-the-party look.


Palettes of Pops
To become the queen of the party, the bling bling of glittery eyeshadow is a must. CT’s Starlight and Supersonic Girl glittery eyeshadow palettes and their dreamy metallic colours seem to come directly from the Milky Way, making your eyes shine brilliantly. These two eyeshadows are suitable to use dry or wet, with magical ingredients, including luster-reflecting pearls that enhance their shimmer quality. $66 Charlotte Tilbury

Necessary Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette
Necessary Neutral Eyeshadow Palette is a limited release eyeshadow palette, featuring 18 shades, including cool and warm, matte, satin and bright colours. In addition, every shade is suitable for every skin colour, making it the perfect tool for a perfect eye look.$115.70

Bar of Gold Palette
Classic gold, rose gold and bronze-gold: these shades of golden hues can be used on cheeks, eyes and body,

creating a healthy, reflecting glow for the skin, and allowing you to become an eye-catching superstar in an instant. It’s perfect for use at holiday parties. The gold-bar-shaped, pressed powder echoes its name perfectly.$75 Charlotte Tilbury

Gold Highlighter Palette
This Gold Highlighter Palette from Clarins can be used on the face or the body. The powder is refined, soft and silky and can be easily applied with fingers, giving your face and body a translucent gold brilliance. $40 Clarins

Superstar Lips
Six shades of bright lipstick create a star-brilliant effect: high gloss and long-lasting. The texture is smooth, easy to apply and makes the lips look fuller. A must for a party look!$39 Charlotte Tilbury

Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil
This high-gloss lip oil is non-sticky when applied. It’s bright and moisturizing, and makes the lips appear soft and plump. It is suitable for application on top of a lipstick, enhancing the existing colour.$25 Clarins

Gold Top Coat Mascara
This warm-coloured gold mascara allows your eyelashes to shimmer with golden brilliance, perfecting your queen of the party look! Simply apply on to the tip of lashes. $29 Clarins