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Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve — the parties are lining up, one after another! Who doesn’t want to dress up beautifully and become the brightest star at the ball? In this issue, our chief editor recommends some powerful makeup tools to help you create the perfect, queen-of-the-party look.

The combination of Clarins’ reformulated Double Serum and Extra Firming duo makes skin brighter, tighter, smoother and younger-looking in just four weeks.

By Aileen Lalor

When you’re buying skin-care, brands mostly tell you to pick the concern that bugs you most and treat it first, whether it’s an uneven complexion, saggy jowls or fine lines. But what if – like many women – you have all those problems and hate them equally? Clarins has come up with a solution: anti-aging products that can be used by pretty much anyone, and promise to tackle everything.

By Catherine Tse

YSL Beauty recently launched a new lipstick, a new slim version of its much coveted Rouge Pur Cou-ture lipstick. Now in a super slim format featuring an elegant matte black and glossy gold exterior with square bullet and a “leather-matte” texture.

All the fashion-forward shades were inspired by YSL’s Creative Director, Tom Pecheux, so this will work seamlessly with your fall/winter wardrobe. While the formula is richly, densely pigmented, it can also be challenging to apply. A precise, steady hand is absolutely necessary to apply these jew-el colours to the lips. The square shape, while beautifully contemporary with its sharp angles, also proves to be one of the greatest challenges to overcome. Application with a square tip is not easy or intuitive, forcing the hand to continuously modulate, compensating for a square’s unforgiving angles against lip’s organic shape. There’s a reason why lipsticks are traditionally tear-drop shaped and, unfortunately, the decision to create a square bullet is another example of how brands choose fashion over function.

The brand claims that the square shape is intentional, allowing for the top corner to be used as a replacement for lip liner. But what happens after a few applications when the tip becomes blunt?

If you’re willing to overlook some of these shortcomings and don’t mind using a lip brush, you’ll be rewarded with richly pigmented colour. The “leather-matte” finish is actually on the dry side, so using a lip brush will avoid the tugging and dragging that can happen when trying to apply directly from the bullet.

Available at Nordstrom, $39.

By Catherine Tse

Behind every Atelier Cologne scent is not just an origin story, but a sensory journey that taps equally into adventure as it does nostalgia. Musc Impéri-al is a unisex woody, floral musk that was inspired from a stay at the Majestic Hotel & Spa in Barcelona where Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel, Atelier Cologne’s creators, were overwhelmed by the classic elegance of the suites impériales coupled with the magic of the Catalan city itself.

“Emotions and places are sometimes inseparable. The evening approaches. Revived by the powerful rays of the sun and the Mediterranean breeze, the city comes to life. The encounter must take place at the top. Excitement is inevitable. The party will be epic.”

While originally commissioned as the signature scent for the Majestic Hotel & Spa in Barcelona, Musc Impérial’s fresh and sparkling elixir easily transcends all borders and is now available in all Atelier Cologne stocklists. It opens with aquatic fruity notes of black currant and bergamot, balanced by creamy fig and Spanish clary sage. The bright opening bloom mellows out with gentle Provencal lavender, Andalusian fig and velvety leather accords. But the true star of this fragrance comes from the ambrette musk, a slightly sweet and nutty base that gently unfolds with hints of Virginia cedar during drydown. This creamy, woodsy musk captures the creative essence of Barcelona — it’s a modern, confident fragrance at home anywhere.